No Truce With The Furies

is an isometric role playing game that mixes cop show antics with a genre busting new setting: literary fiction with sci-fi / fantasy overtones. Expect absurd new heights of non-combat gameplay. All action is handled in dialogues, story is everything.

We are inspired by Planescape: Torment and Kentucky Route Zero.


Wake up as a disgraced lieutenant detective

Put on your disco pants. Explore a beautifully rendered seaside city in another world. Or wander the inside of your own head, talking to your senses, doubts and memories. 24 uniquely realistic skills are at your disposal as you police Martinaise, district of Revachol – the bad part of the bad part of town.

The role playing game is an emergent art form – and we’re set to light it on fire.

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The Setting

Is it fantasy? Is it sci-fi? Is it alt history? Or some kind of punk? No. It’s a completely new world we’ve built for more than fifteen years. We call it fantastic realism. And we’re ready to show it to you.

The Thought Cabinet

You have an inventory for thoughts. Pick up old mysteries, develop new ideas. Come to conclusions both light and dark. You will develop obsessions you can’t get rid of, and beliefs that guide your words and change the way you talk.

The Choices

Everything, even the smallest of details, matters. The minutiae of what you say – or think – gets carried from dialogue to dialogue. This palm sized open world is an unprecedented toybox of choices.

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Press mentions


“No Truce With The Furies has become one of the Codex’s most anticipated games.”

Kill Screen

“There are so many fresh ideas in the writing, systems, and artwork here that when the creators say “The role playing game is an emergent art form – and we’re set to light it on fire,” you can believe them. It seems like a lot to pull off, but heck, I reckon they can do it.”

Kotaku UK

“With a captivating isometric aesthetic, that channels nostalgia in a good way, it has a killer look to match an off-beat premise.”