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Have you ever wanted to blow a national budget — not any national budget, but a global superpowers? It is said Filippe III the Squanderer — son of Filippe the II the Opulent and father of Filippe IV the Insane — third and greatest of the filippian kings of Revachol, had his bedroom converted into a treasure chamber where an unfathomable amount of krugerrands, bars of gold, ornate weaponry, armor and various chalices covered the floor and even the walls. There were whispers the king slept on a huge pile of gold like an obese dragon, instead of a bed like a normal person would.

A 3D model straight out of Blender which has yet to receive a paintover layer.

Before you stands the reconstructed statue of that very same Filippe — Filippe the Squanderer, Filippe the Lavish, Old Sumptuous Filippe who even among the filippian kings stood out for severe overspending. The original statue was badly damaged during the retaking of Revachol by Coalition forces – an event which effectively put an end to the revolution that had dethroned the monarchy in Revachol. The kings never returned, the flow of commerce did. And opulence along with it.

Some years ago a group of liberal art-minded individuals (designers mostly) thought it would be “ironic” to re-erect the statue of the most wasteful ruler of Revachol in the poorest part of the city, Martinaise Proper. The statue is supposed to capture the moment it was blown apart, like an instant frozen in time. A rare butterfly, trapped in amber, floating on a sea of shit.

You’ll come upon it in No Truce With The Furies, while exploring the traffic jam in front of the harbour gates. The statue also factors into our nascent politics system (imagine prestige classes, but instead of Spellweaver of the Fangolnir you get Fascist) where it plays an important part in the development of the Liberal.


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